Richmond to Indianapolis

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We are leaving our camp in Richmond and heading to Indianapolis today. We thank Mary Horn, Jean and family for hosting us. Special prayers for Mary and her good health. There was a Pipe Ceremony in Richmond on the 11th, thre will be a Press Conference in Indianapolis on the 16th and we will be going to the pow wow in Lebanon on the 17th. Our rest days have been moved around again and we will be Walking on the 13-16 and 18-21.

At this time we want to encourage people to think about Indigenous Sovereignty. This is the purpose of the Walk. We will be creating a section for inclusion of Indigenous Sovereignty issues and for discussion. So, if anyone has any issues to submit, please do so. Thank you.


The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz is for Indigenous Sovereignty.  Our prayers and thoughts are with the Nez Perce Nation as they stood up to the tar sands and pipeline developers passing through their lands.  It is a sad day when an Indigenous Nation’s lands and sovereign rights are violated by the United States, and their subsidiary called Idaho that is not supposed to have any authority over Indian Nations.  For more information about this matter check out

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Entering the Notoweega Nation.

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While in Wheeling WV, the longest walk 4 made it into the local newspaper! 

We are now near Buckeye Lake OH and will be going to Reynoldsburg tomorrow. We are staying near Logan, being hosted by the recently recognized Notoweega Nation. In carrying on our journey we are asking that those with issues relating to Indigenous Sovereignty feel free to submit them for posting.

Our next stay place will be at Antioch University in Yellow Springs on August 5-9. We will post our future stay places as they become known to us. 

Thank you for your prayers and support.


The Longest Walk 4.


New Update.

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Day 12: We have made it to Ruffs Dale and will be in Washington tomorrow and Wheeling on Sunday night. It has been difficult due to the ongoing problem of getting the truck fixed, which is more a question of time to get into a shop. Some supporters in Wheeling are currently helping us with this and we anticipate it to be fixed this weekend. In the meantime, we will be running the staff to Washington, PA and walk to Wheeling from there.

For those that have never been on a Walk like this, this is how we do things. We start the Sovereignty Staff and the Women’s Staff with a prayer from where we left off the day before and we usually walk four rounds of five miles. From there, a decision is made to run the staff, and sometimes if there is no shoulder or is otherwise unsafe we will run the staff through that part. At the end of the day we have a Ceremony and the place is marked for the next day. The Sovereignty Staff is going every step of the way to Pier 33 in San Francisco for the ferry to Alcatraz.Image

Post from the Walkers

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“Today we walked to Breezewood, PA covering 24 miles.  It was made difficult with a vehicle breakdown and a flat tire but carried on.  Cooled off to the mid 80’s.  At this time any assistance whether it be financial, gas cards, or prayers will be greatly appreciated.  We would like to thank all those who have supported us in this journey for Indigenous Sovereignty.  It means alot to us when it is hot and we are sore to see the posts.  If anyone wants to Walk with us, even for a few days, you are welcome.”

The Longest Walk 4: Return to Alcatraz Walkers

The Long Walkers

Photo courtesy of Damaris. At Lois and Dan’s retreat. Shipensberg, PA
Back row: Kyle, Emilio, Mereana, Michael Lane, Ty
Front Row: Darrin, Craig, Mark, Supa (dog), Damaris, Lisa.

Damaris, has kindly opened up and talked about her experience on the walk so far.

“Here is the group morning of the fourth day, we already had a few blisters and minor scrapes, but we are willing and find that this prayer is guiding us through. We support each other as a community, and the lovely folks who provided this stay place. Lois and Dan mended our wounds, and fed us so well, gave us BEDS to sleep in on their peaceful property in the woods. We are so grateful so many are with us in this prayer, our ancestors, our community who provide in so many ways. As Lisa said, this is a community supported walk. From the supportive cheers we hear from people coming out of their houses as we walk by to the folks who embrace us into their home and care for us, to the people who drive by and who give us water. The healing of this land is already showing evidence of change through these gestures.”

The walk would also like to give a big shout out to Lois and Dan for the warm hospitality and the generous donations of gas and food. Thank you for being absolutely wonderful people.

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Site now able to take donations!

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We finally have the donation tab up and running. You can also donate to the walk by clicking the donate icon on the homepage.