Indigenous Sovereignty

This section is open to anyone who is wanting to comment on the issues involving tribal sovereignty and what indigenous sovereignty means to you personally. Feel free to comment as much as you like.

  1. Annie says:

    Sovereignty, …what does it really mean to an indigenous human being? Good question and here is my reply! Sovereignty to me means freedom. You see we lost our freedom and our “Sovereignty” when others came to pillage where we lived and decided to make our homeland their homeland and proceeded to take everything from us including the very ground under our feet. Afterward they pretended everything was theirs by denying the very fact that we were even human beings. They referred to us over and over again as “SAVAGES” to justify their very blatant lack of respect, friendship, trustworthiness, truthfulness, and thievery. They infected us with their petulance, enslaved us, divided our people, took our children, degraded our men and women, bastardized our names, forced their beliefs upon us as if we had none of our own, educated us by force in their ways, forced their language upon us, and left us out of the historical record as if we never existed …except when it suited them in some concocted Disney fairy-tale. Sovereignty …you say … what does it mean to me …it means just another lie, trick, deception, an anointment they might give to us like “recognition”. We know who we are …and we don’t need them to tell us who we are. Take back our sovereignty by ignoring that they have possession of it …and us. We are not their Chattel, we are human beings that, …without a doubt, were here in our homeland before those foreigners ever got here to falsely claim our domain. Eminent Domain!!!!! Freedom!!!

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