Get Involved

Wondering how you can get involved with The Longest Walk 4?

Anyone is more than welcome to join the walk! As long as you respect the walks basic rules of no alcohol, other drugs and no weapons.

Here is the contact information

Walk Contact/Donation Inquiries


Website Contact.


Logistics Coordinator


Ph: 202-436-6576

  1. oneheartbear says:

    I ask my father the great creator to let this walk be for love and through the prayers of our ancestors we are once again united with the earth. Mato

  2. Indigenous Circles United will join all of our relations in resurrecting the spirit of our ancestors and the spirit of this land in unison, for one Movement, in order to reaffirm our position on this planet as protectors of our Mother Earth….

  3. Ron Henderson says:

    I was very disappointed in the poor leadership I witnessed from Michael Lane yesterday, when he refused to let me join you all on your walk. Would Jesus Christ refuse a man because he was homeless? You will not hear from me again. Good Luck crossing the Great Basin on your poorly chosen route.

    • Greetings Ron,

      Sorry you feel this way. As you know I asked you to wait four days and then decide. I was concerned as to how you were doing and did not want you to just jump on without fully understanding what you were getting into. The route is that taken by the 1978 The Longest Walk. We will be crossing the lands of the Paiute and Shoshone, who in my view are good people to visit. Take care.

  4. She says:

    Welcome through Lincoln highway, Long-Walkers. I will try to help you through this sudden winter storm — or just celebrate your passage — as you cross through on the way to Alcatraz again.

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