The Long Walkers

Posted: July 18, 2013 by returntoalcatraz in Uncategorized

The Long Walkers

Photo courtesy of Damaris. At Lois and Dan’s retreat. Shipensberg, PA
Back row: Kyle, Emilio, Mereana, Michael Lane, Ty
Front Row: Darrin, Craig, Mark, Supa (dog), Damaris, Lisa.

Damaris, has kindly opened up and talked about her experience on the walk so far.

“Here is the group morning of the fourth day, we already had a few blisters and minor scrapes, but we are willing and find that this prayer is guiding us through. We support each other as a community, and the lovely folks who provided this stay place. Lois and Dan mended our wounds, and fed us so well, gave us BEDS to sleep in on their peaceful property in the woods. We are so grateful so many are with us in this prayer, our ancestors, our community who provide in so many ways. As Lisa said, this is a community supported walk. From the supportive cheers we hear from people coming out of their houses as we walk by to the folks who embrace us into their home and care for us, to the people who drive by and who give us water. The healing of this land is already showing evidence of change through these gestures.”

The walk would also like to give a big shout out to Lois and Dan for the warm hospitality and the generous donations of gas and food. Thank you for being absolutely wonderful people.


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