Posted: July 16, 2013 by returntoalcatraz in Uncategorized

At this time we would like to acknowledge the Oskapewis (Helpers) Walk toward the mountains of what is called Alberta. They too have been walking in their own way to support the Indigenous understanding of Treaties and affirming the traditional sources of Indigenous Sovereignty. We acknowledge and honor the Two Row Wampum Renewal PeaceWalk and Canoe happening in the territories of the Haudenosaunee, who have long upheld their Haudenosaunee vision of sovereignty, based on their spiritual ways and embodied in the Great Law of Peace and recognized by European nation-states, as a form of legal sovereignty.

It is our hope that those reading this will extend their support to all of these endeavours and those on the front lines in protecting the practice of Indigenous Sovereignty, from the Micmaw,trying to stop fracking, to those trying to stop the desecration of the tar sands and resultant pipelines in Great Turtle Island, to those in Amazon blockading mining development on their lands, to those in Aotearoa trying to stop oil drilling in their waters, and everywhere else that Indigenous Peoples are trying to protect their lands, waters and ways.


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